Pugmarks would like to take this privilege to propose you with the scope of annual maintenance services of the website of your Company/Organization with an objective to keep them up to date in regard to the latest developments in your company as well as the latest trends and technology prevailing in the industry.

Following would be covered in this maintenance contract :

  • Update the website platform version, theme and ensure that everything works together as planned and solve any issues that arise.
  • Update newly-increased pages and communication special pages, to ensure the future brand communication and new products launches during the service period.
  • Update PHP/.Net version regularly once upgraded.
  • Adding/ Deleting/ Modifying Pages as per the client's requirement.

  • Perform both automatic and manual backups on a regular schedule on client's server (If with Pugmarks). Backups will be used to restore the website if needed.

  • Monitor threats and attacks, and set up security to prevent them. Perform security fixes and restore backups as needed.

Site Monitoring
  • Monitor speed issues, 404 errors, broken links, dead links, bugs, errors etc. and solve issues or make suggestions about how to solve issues.

Content Maintenance
  • Regular updates in content, such as images, text, videos and minor layout changes.
  • Websites need to have their content updated to remain current.

  • All changes will be performed on the staging version before production.

Regular Testing
  • Regression testing to detect any front-end changes. Automatically check and compare the visual state before and after update.
  • Automated tests to check backend-end functionality.
  • Manual tests to check backend-end functionality.

Performance Monitoring
  • Website requires fast load times, so we don’t just make your site fast. We keep it that way via image compression & HTML improvements to CDN & advanced caching.

Popular tools include:
  • Google Page Insight
  • Pingdom
  • GTmetrix

Test Browser Compatibility
Various browsers create different versions of how your website appears to users. We will Test out all the different browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) and make sure that your site looks presentable on all of them. Using responsive web design is generally a universal solution across all browsers and devices.

  • Hours are valid for 1 year from the start date.
  • Client can use allotted Hours anytime within 1 year from the start date.
  • Pugmarks will share estimated time to complete any task with customer beforehand and customer need to confirm same via mail or via Skype to process it further.
  • Efforts quoted by Pugmarks for any change request placed by Customer needs to be mutually discussed and agreed upon.
  • The content, Pictures, images so on or any material to be used on the website will be provided by the client.

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